Love2Smile vegan, natural soaps 

- we are only using premium quality edible ingredients. Among others we are proud of our outstanding cocoa butter from an organic family plantation, the premium Belgian chocolate which is used in several domestic award winning bonbons, the Hungarian organic seabuckthorn, the red grape peel from the famous Hungarian vine region Tokaj, etc.

- using a natural soap means you don’t necessarily need body lotion, make-up remover, face cleanser, shaving foam and shampoo. In that way you are able to eliminate several harmful materials and even save money

- household friendly, even one soap is able to serve the whole family needs 


- the ergonomic shape is very practical, it is easy to hold it no matter if the hands are small or big. It is your decision whether the flat or hemispheric surface is convenient to use for

- even our lovely pressed logo has it’s well defined task, press your tiny remaining wet soap on the new soaps logo, leave for a couple of hours to stick together and you will be able to use the „old” soap entirely


- the soap is able to dry in the paper wrap/packaging, the drier the soap the longer lasts

- if you keep in mind to put your soap in a place where it can dry you will be able to enjoy it longer


- a well compiled soap formulation doesn’t dry your skin, perfectly cleans and regarding it’s chemical compound it can restore your skin protective efficacy instantly

- an effective natural soap is not only for cleaning the dirt, but can remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and it’s alkalinity is killing germs and disinfects

- a soap made of natural ingredients moisturizes with it’s own active agents, helps restoring the protective layer and nourishing the skin

- the chemical ingredients of a soap forms micelles during the wash procedure, these tiny beads can take away the contamination from the skin surface

- our soap formulation gives a bubbly soap without drying your skin. It’s foam is perfect for shaving on any part of your body and you will not need to use after shave balm


 Hair wash with soap:  

During a soapy hair wash the hair structure opens like a cone thereby soap foam perfectly cleans and cares the hair. If you have middle or long hair, you have to re-close it’s structure in order to comb it easily.

  1. Prepare yourself a rinsing liquid (put 10ml vinegar/lemon juice or 1 tablespoon citric acid into 1,5 liter water)

  2. Wash your hair with the soap

  3. rinse with clear water

  4. use the rinse liquid thoroughly from the root of your hair

  5. rinse with clean water

Simply, isn’t that? 

- keep in mind that natural soaps are not containing strong (artificial) preservative material are not for long term storing, it is better to buy fewer and use them within some months. Nevertheless the possible rancidity is only aesthetic (odor and discoloration), the old natural soap still skin friendly and healthier than artificial soaps or shower gel.

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