Our story 

As a married couple we spent about one and a half decade in a constant vibrating multinational environment, experiencing all the benefits and disadvantages of this environment.


After a long time we decided to change our life in order to keep our health and well being. One of the most important lesson we learned and became a statement of faith: insisting to our basic philosophy and consciousness. We started our new and wonderful journey.

We do believe in sustainable life, which means we are shaping our life considering our environment, ourselves. This attitude leads us during the product development. We only produce those products that we are eager to use, we trust in them and are proud to offer others.

There are no compromises regarding to the ingredients,​ formulas and packing. We only use those ingredients and materials which are friendly to our environment and healthy to the body/skin.

Our products are free from harmful artificial ingredients, we are not testing on animals, all of them are natural and vegan.

We believe in fair trade. Our ingredient are from local farmers and distributors where it is possible, all our products are registered and has microbiological analysis.

We put great effort in research and development to be able to produce the highest quality possible. Educating and researching us continuously on skin problems and diseases to be able to give the right treatment and solution combining cosmetics with right and healthy nutrition.

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