Érdekességek a Love2Smile Cosmetics 100% vegán, natúr dezodorokról

 Love2Smile paraben free vegan Deodorants 

- free from: paraben, mineral oil derivative, aluminium, zinc, animal origin or harmful ingredients


- all our products are vegan, natural skin- and environmental friendly


- not affecting the natural process of sweating, simply neutralize the bad odor


- if you need you can use several times during a day or before going to sleep


- the deodorant contains the active agent (sodium bicarbonate) in dissolved form, that is why our deodorant will not burn your armpit, you are able to use on sweaty skin too


- hygienic, with the help of the roll-on bottle you can easily and discretely use it anywhere without dipping your fingers into the bottle

- doesn't leave stain on clothes in armpit, because no grease and oil are added


- depending on the essential oil it contains our deodorant can relax, cool, refresh or disinfects your armpit


- we are using essential oils because of their skincare effect and not their smell. It also means that if you still using perfume the deodorant will not compete

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